Colour Cohesive Interiors Under 55 Sqm (With Floor Plans)

Colour Cohesive Interiors Under 55 Sqm (With Floor Plans)
Single colour accents create strong cohesion within these two modern home interiors,

which each measure up at just under 55 square metres (600 square feet).

We begin our cohesive colour journey with an orange dashed interior

that includes a bold orange infused kitchen and an energised orange bathroom design.

We switch to the opposite side of the colour wheel for our second home tour,

where blue elements build a calming atmosphere that spans a full spectrum of shades.

Modern black fixtures and fittings give both interiors some weight, whilst glowing lighting schemes set an intimate mood.

Check out the floor plans at the end of each tour for more spatial inspiration.

Pumpkin orange accents light up the grey and taupe interior of our first featured home tour. A bright kitchen backsplash blazes across the back of the open plan living room, whilst pumpkin spice scatter cushions tone the accent down a notch. A neutral modern sofa and matching ottoman balance out the bolder colour infusions.

A textured rug softly outlines the simple lounge area. A minimalist wraparound end table serves the L-shaped sofa. See more ideas for unique end tables here.

Wood panelling makes a warming TV wall covering, which is accentuated by the cosy glow of recessed LED perimeter lights. A white TV stand makes a clean and crisp addition to the statement wall, adorned with a contrasting black vase.

Behind the lounge, the room morphs into a dining spot with a small round dining table and modern chairs.

The grey and orange L-shaped kitchen folds around the eating area, where both zones benefit from the balcony door’s influx of light. รับออกแบบบ้าน 

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