Contemporary Chinese Home With Courtyard & Glass Bottom Pool

Contemporary Chinese Home With Courtyard & Glass Bottom Pool
Mild and modern, this peaceful contemporary Chinese home design creates a canvas for enriched living.

Visualised by Shexia Space Design, this is a space where crisp and sleek aesthetics come face to face with

the imperfect beauty of Wabi-sabi elements, and merge with the softness of the natural world.

An indoor courtyard brings trees to a games room, a traditional Chinese tea room and a slick conversation pit,

all under the dappled light of a glass bottom swimming pool.

The design team reflects: “In the irreversible process of urbanization

, we abandon the old way of life… The most precious in a space,

the sun, the wind, beautiful people, and the bits and pieces of the past.”

The outer courtyard forms an instant sense of serenity around the modern home, providing a place for calm contemplation by a peaceful reflection pool.

By night the pool is lit around its edges to create an inviting atmospheric glow.

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